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Overview of the BEL Framework, which is the database for BEL statements and other tools to be used with BEL (e.g. BEL Editor, KAM Navigator Cytoscape Plugin, etc).

Download BEL Framework 2.0.0!

(Previous 1.3.0 version here)

We host the BEL software open-source code on GitHub:

  • BEL Framework Source Code -- (Role: knowledgebase manager) to manage BEL statements as a knowledge graph
  • BEL Editor -- (Role: Curator/Biologist) editor built on Eclipse to create and manage BEL statements in a BEL script
  • KAM Navigator - Cytoscape Plugin  -- (Role: Biologist) Cytoscape plugin to allow access to a BEL knowledge graph in the BEL Framework
  • All BEL Framework documentation is on the OpenBEL Wiki

* Roles are recommendations on what type of scientist will be interested in the tool.